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As a member of the Learn Fresh Coaches Association, you’ll have access to experiences like NBA Math Hoops and Math Hits. These are community programs that use a board game, digital game, and 8-12 lesson curriculum to encourage students to hone essential math skills through the games of basketball and baseball. You’ll be joined by an all-star staff and highly engaged educator network to support your implementation.

The entire experience starts at $250 per year, paid at registration.

As a member of the LFCA, you will receive:

  • Board games for the students in your classroom or program.
  • All other program materials required to run your selected program, including an updated season-long curriculum and in-depth tutorial videos.
  • Access to weekly tips that will help guide your implementation of the program and provide extra content to use with your students.
  • Digital game data and classroom league management (NBA Math Hoops only).
  • Opportunities to earn special experiences for your students based on program usage and your engagement with the LFCA community.
  • Access to webinars, regional trainings, championship tournaments, the NBA Math Hoops Global Championship, and more!

New Programs

Introducing the NBA Math Hoops Mobile App! The new app replicates the NBA Math Hoops physical board game and is designed for students in grades 3-8. Students build fluency with fundamental math skills in a fun, challenging, basketball-themed game that features NBA and WNBA player statistics that update in real-time throughout the season. Compete in Quick Play or enter a classroom code for League Play with your peers. Unlock new NBA and WNBA players the more you play!

Be sure to check out the NBA Math Hoops Skills + Drills app! Simulating the NBA All-Star Skills Competition, this app helps students build fluency with fundamental math skills through a series of fun, fast-paced games. The app complements the core NBA Math Hoops Mobile App and is designed for students looking to take their mental math and NBA Math Hoops play to the next level!

Math Hoops Physical Activity Kit

Watch NBA Math Hoops come to life with a board game for the basketball court! Students become the superstars by building their own statistics and taking shots on the court just like their favorite NBA and WNBA players. A unique kit provides educators with a set of non-skid, non-marking floor tiles and a STEM Plus physical activity curriculum, allowing for the reimagination of the NBA Math Hoops board game on any basketball court. Kits are available for purchase from Learn Fresh directly.

From The Community

“As an educator, I am so thankful to be able to have NBA Math Hoops in my classroom. Combining basketball, math concepts, sportsmanship, and SEL in a board game is genius. Every year, my new class of students have the same reaction - they love it! Students are getting better with their math facts, rounding a quotient based on the remainder, converting decimals to percentages, reading a coordinate grid, and learning about statistics all while playing a very fun and intense board game. To top it off, Learn Fresh’s partnerships with local NBA teams raises the level of excitement to get to the regional and national championships. Go Sacramento Kings!!”

Erika Yee, Classroom Educator - Sacramento, CA

“The way that our members have connected with NBA Math Hoops has been incredible to witness. It’s such a unique concept to combine this interest in basketball with education and fun! I’ve seen both engagement and performance in math go up with our members that have participated in this program. The Learn Fresh team has done an outstanding job to create an environment that our members can have this much success in. They’ve been great to work with, and I’ve been excited to work with them and introduce Math Hoops to as many of our members as possible!”

Logan Greig, BGC Educator - Phoenix, AZ